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Through the Looking-Glass, and what I found there: an autoethnography on working well with reflexive writing practice( file size: 382k )

Grisold, C.

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expressive writing, reflexive writing, self-reflective writing, creative writing, expressive arts, writing therapy, therapeutic writing

Angela Specht

This essay is an autoethnography on adopting reflexive writing practice to affect authentic change in work-life well-being. Reflexive, or purposeful self-reflective, writing is an effective self-care tool that can foster a sense of professional efficacy in order to help prevent the exhaustion and cynicism that cause burnout. I discuss my experience of working well with reflexive writing and how it relates to the growing societal trend of workplace burnout. I define what burnout is and how it shows up in our work-life, I examine its growing influence on not just myself but society at large, and I address how professional efficacy can help prevent it. I also discuss burnout as growing concern for employers and as something that employees need to take responsibility for preventing through compassionate self-care. I demonstrate that reflexive writing can help people develop professional efficacy, become more resilient by creating an inner sanctuary and further professional growth opportunities by re-writing their career narratives. With a literature review alongside examples from data studies showing how reflexive writing has been successfully implemented to combat burnout in medical professionals, the potential for using reflexive writing to prevent burnout in myriad industries and get us all working well is proven.