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MAIS 701: Integrated Project. Mais 701 is normally the final course that students take in their program and is designed to facilitate extended research work under the direction of a course professor. The scope of the project must fall within the research area of faculty members associated with MAIS. The Integrated Project allows students to explore an intellectual question, to relate their research to a work situation, or to engage a community problem. Theoretical and empirical approaches should draw from the student's course work and demonstrate an integrative approach to knowledge creation. The project may involve field, archival, and library research, and will result in the production of a major report or paper. A project may combine a theoretical synopsis with applied work to produce an academic publication, innovative report, analysis, review, or enquiry into a chosen field. In other words, the project integrates learning from the MAIS program.

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Heritage and Social History

Diakow, T. L.E. (2019). A Gaybourhood Begins: Settlement and Community Building in Vancouver's West End ©

Availability:Open access

Hurezeanu, C. N. (2019). The Historic Urban Landscape Approach: The Case of the Markham Village Heritage Conservation District ©

Availability:Open access

Thompson, C. (2019). The Quest For Authenticity In Heritage Sites ©

Availability:Open access

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